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CECC - Central East Correctional Centre

Vipond was the Systems Integrator for the Division 13 work for the Lindsay Correctional Facility. This work included the design, supply and commissioning of the Central Control and Alarm Reporting System, Locking Control System, Distributed Logic Controllers, Watchtour System, Passive Duress Signaling System, Active Duress Signaling System, Touchscreen Control System, Surveillance Closed Circuit Television System, Perimeter Security System (Fence and Rooftop), Metal Detection System, Keypad Access Control System, X-Ray Screening Machine, Voice/Data Conduit System, Television/AM/FM Signal Distribution System, Facility Public Address System, Local Intercom System, Fire Alarm System, Nurse and Cell Call System.

Main Office

6380 Vipond Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1A1, Canada

Phone: 1-905-564-7060
Fax: 1-905-564-7070
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